Line Creative – VR Simulations is part of Line Creative UK, an award-winning 3D rendering, animation and real time/game studio in London with collaborators ranging from developers to designers, risk health and safety companies, manufacturers, energy and rescue agencies.

We use disruptive CGI technology with creative flare to produce purposeful visual experiences that bring our clients trainings, designs, scenarios and protocols into real life.

Our VR training simulation products and capabilities can be used to put trainees through situations that simply wouldn’t be feasible in the real world due to safety and cost restrictions. Using VR training, real life actions can be practised and the actual consequences experienced, right or wrong.

As a boutique studio Line Creative’s production is based on a selective group of talented CG artists and a number of tech and code orientated visualisers.

Why we do this ?

Because we believe in constant growth and development as a life principle, and CGI & VR offer great practice solutions to achieve just that. Moreover, being able to use our knowledge and skills to offer simulation and training scenarios that otherwise won’t be available and by that potentially help save lives is the humblest service we can ever strive for.

Interested to explore VR Training Solutions for your organisation ? give us a shout.